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Tell the most memorable
story of your life through art

Invest in a thoughtfully designed fine art wedding invitation, a unique live event painting, or a remarkable piece of original art. Let’s work together to tell your story. 

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Give your guests an experience to remember as they open your tastefully designed, fine art wedding invitation. 


Add an elegant finishing touch to your plain envelopes, boxes or signages

with handwritten calligraphy.


Custom landscape illustrations, florals, nature and food paintings. Leave a message for original painting commissions.


Learn to paint landscapes, still life, and food using gouache paints. 


05. Live Event Painting

Special moments painted in real-time. A perfect keepsake for couples to remember the start of their journey together. 


Ready to bring your walls to life?

Let's team up!

The Collection

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Your wedding invitation will serve as a prelude to your special day. It is a glimpse of the festivities to come and a reflection of who you are as a couple, which is why it deserves a lot of creativity and attention to detail.

Give your guests an experience to remember as they open your tastefully designed, exquisite fine art wedding invitation. 

Aves Stationery

Thoughtfully designed
and highly customizable
for your special day

Aves Stationery specializes in designing wedding stationery and other day-of paper goods. 

Day Of Stationery

Fine Art Paintings 
by Ava Bernabe

Fine Art Paintings

All artwork is available for purchase unless stated otherwise. For pricing details,

please get in touch via the contact form.

Painting Workshops
by Ava Bernabe

Painting Workshops

Since 2017, Ava has been facilitating creative workshops, initially specializing in calligraphy.

In 2021, she expanded her offerings to include gouache painting, attracting a diverse online audience. In February 2023, Ava resumed teaching in person, conducting classes at local cafes.

To book private classes, click the contact form.

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