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The Collection Guide

This guide contains all the available options for customization. You are able to combine elements from different suites in The Semi-Custom Collection. In case you can't find a specific ink color, calligraphy style, or printing option, please reach out via our inquiry form and we'll find ways to make your stationery dreams come true!

Paper Options

300 GSM Cardstock

Handmade Cotton Paper

Printing Methods

Digital Printing
also known as "flat print"

Foil Printing
Available in gold, silver, copper, and rose gold

Letter-pressed Printing

Ink Selection

The colors below are recommended for card backgrounds and printing of texts and graphic designs. If you have a specific color in mind, we'd be happy to undergo test printing and adjust accordingly until we achieve your desired color. Please note that the colors you see on screen may vary.


Calligraphy Styles

There are four available handwriting styles for the couple's names appearing on the invite. It is paired with a classic serif or modern typeface which will then be used for the body text. The styles below can be used for envelope addressing, too.


No. 1
Light and Casual


No 2.

Modern and Romantic

No 3.

Brush and Chunky

Calligraphy Brush.png

No 4.

Whimsical and Flourished

Calligraphy Style 2.png


We offer two types of envelopes: Handmade Cotton Rag and 160 GSM envelopes. See below available colors.

210 GSM Handmade Cotton Rag Deckled Edges Envelopes

These envelopes are only available upon request.

Handmade Envelopes.png

160 GSM Envelopes
Colors are subject to availability and may vary from the images shown.

160 GSM envelope.png

Wax Seal Designs

Wax Seal Colors.png

Wax Seal Colors

Wax Seal Colors.png






Ready to order?

The designs offered feature delicate botanical drawings. If you want a custom wax seal stamp that contains a monogram or your names, please inquire here

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